Under Fire!
- Challenges to the Church

There are serious challenges rising up against the true gospel in our nation.

Universalism - Universalism is the doctrine that states that everyone will be saved, and that God will condemn nobody to Hell.  It is understandable how such a doctrine could gain wide acceptance among today's pluralistic, liberal society, but as this section will  demonstrate, Universalism is not in any way compatible with Biblical Christianity.

Consumerism - The original temptations Jesus faced (which can best be boiled down to Appetite, Affirmation and Ambition) have somehow been translated into our culture in subtle ways, tempting us in ways we don’t see or expect. This is precisely what the church faces today - the question is, how should the church tackle this onslaught?

Secular Humanism - The Gospel is being tampered with and eroded in Western Europe. Here, the thinking and action of many Christians is being radically influenced by a collection of anti-Christian ideologies known as “secular humanism” - the belief that human beings are capable of being ethical and moral without religion or God. How do we protect ourselves from this attack at the very heart of the Gospel?

This Seminar will examine these important challenges to the Church's mission and seek to find answers to these challenges

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