The Way On
- Personal Growth in the Kingdom

Every day more and more people everywhere are getting excited about Jesus of Nazereth. Wherever the true message of Jesus Christ has gone, people and nations have been revolutionised, resulting in new life, new hope, and new purpose for living.

Have you been living in spiritual defeat - powerless and wondering if you can make it as a Christian? This study will show you how to enjoy what millions of other Christians around the world have experienced - the adventure of a full, abundant, purposeful and fruitful life in Christ.

Have you ever wondered if there was something more exciting than you are experiencing as a Christian? This Seminar describes the Christian way of life - what it is and how it works practically.

Is your life filled with purpose and power? Are you living in joy and victory? Or does your Christian life seem dull? Discover how the revolutionary power of the Holy Spirit can help you rise above your discouragement and defeat and move into a life filled with God's supernatural power.

Prayer is the most revolutionary source of power known to man. This Seminar  will teach you how to tap into this power. The truths you learn will ignite your spirit.

The Bible - God's holy, inspired Word - is without comparison. The heart-warming story of God's love for mankind, the Bible is an exciting and joyful adventure of reading, meditation and study. No other book written can equal it. And no one can live a full, abundant, supernatural life without daily drawing upon the supernatural resources of God's word.

What is the secret to personal purity and power as a Christian? How can you experience a deep, abiding sense of God's holy presence as a way of life? Surrendering to the will of God and living daily in His grace is the key.

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