The Fine Art of Planning
- Realising the Dream

Why a Seminar on Planning?

Strategic planning for the church involves navigating a narrow path between the business-based discipline of strategic planning and the absolute primacy of God's will for our lives as a church and as individuals.

Strategic planning originated in warfare, then was adopted by major industrial corporations, before making its way to the church. No doubt many well-intending Christian business executives have transferred their corporate skills for the benefits of many churches, but this is one area where the Christian must be extra-careful.

The Usefulness or Otherwise of Traditional Strategic Planning

Traditional strategic planning for the church is probably most useful when it deals with things: buildings, money, and equipment. It is important to plan for the long-range physical needs of the church. But traditional strategic planning for the church is most questionable when it involves people and their personal relationship with God.  These are just a few of the reasons why we believe “Dynamic Strategic Planning” is a better fit and a better process for churches.

There is nothing inherently un-Christian about traditional strategic planning! Like many other tools and processes, it is morally neutral - it all depends on how you use it. But typically strategic planning for the church is done by a Strategic Planning Committee, a group usually dominated by business-people.

How Should we Approach Planning?

Planning should focus on:

  • What we are trying to accomplish as a church or ministry
  • Our visions for the future
  • The critical issues we need to deal with.
  • That is the starting point of Dynamic Strategic Planning

The Main Element

The main point of life as a Christian is that it's not about what we want. It's about what God wants. The only way to get in touch with what God wants is to pray about it and seek his wisdom as we ask him to speak to us.

We also must recognise the need for:

  • Passionate, high-participation,
  • Humble, prayerful seeking of God's will for each church or ministry in its time and place.
  • That will involve sacrificial obedience and taking risks.

Topics to be covered:

  • Strategic Planning for the Church
  • What the Bible Says About Planning
  • The Fine Art of Planning
  • Development Plans
  • SWOT Analysis Exercise

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