Walking the Walk - The Spirit-Led Life


Walking the Walk - The Spirit-Led Life


The crucial point of our walk with God is understanding who we are and what we are for. Christians are the redeemed of God, but not only that; we are people with a mission - change agents. This Seminar helps you to discover your place.

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To understand ourselves and our particular role we must first understand God better and what He is about.

With the coming of Jesus Christ humankind received a whole new perspective on the person of God. He came as a man reflecting the highest and most treasured qualities of, human beings: love, compassion, mercy, gentleness, integrity and strength to name but a few. Yet at the same time he exhibited attributes not of this world, but of the King, humanity’s creator. Power, miracles, authority, wisdom and righteousness were his credentials which were seen in his relationship with God.

Before this, people had seen God in a variety of different ways, mostly mystical, unapproachable and impractical in daily living. But Jesus changed all this. Although most didn’t recognise him for who he was, after he was gone they realised that God desired to be intimate with his creation, to be in leadership, and to pass on to his followers the majesty of his life to be lived on a daily basis.

When Jesus departed this work was passed on to the Holy Spirit. In  order to keep humankind from returning to a mystical, other-worldly relationship with God, the Holy Spirit would dwell within each believer to give direction that would be both personal and intimate. But nonetheless, many people have fallen into an erroneous perception of who this third person of the trinity actually is.

This Seminar will address this important issue.

Topics covered:

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • A Life Led by the Holy Spirit
  • Steps Towards a Spirit-Led Life
  • Spirit-Led Faith - Hearing God's Voice
  • The Parable of the Four Soils