Kingdom Life Academy exists to offer itself in service to believers to strengthen and deepen their confidence in their King to guide and lead them through challenging times.

  • Our purpose is to train and equip disciples, preparing for a new move of the Holy Spirit - a move of God that is vibrant and led by the KING.
  • We aim to give practical insights into developing a lifestyle of ministry modelled by Jesus.
  • For some this will mean stepping out of the box and re-centring their thoughts on God's ways; the ways of His KINGDOM.  
  • We aim to teach Jesus’ disciples to pronounce the coming of the KINGDOM, to release grace abundantly and to do this wholeheartedly through His Spirit as they walk in love, wholly dependent on Him.
  • We are training to become an 'organism' which, through perfect love, drives out fear individually and corporately.
  • KLA offers practical advice on leadership and pastoral care.
  • Alongside formal teaching sessions, we also encourage questioning, discussion and group work with feedback.
  • We also offer consultation with current church leaders as they seek to live a Kingdom lifestyle.

We are conscious of the fact that it's impossible for some of you to attend the Seminars we host. Did you know that we have some of the Seminars for sale in the store?

We are gradually recording each of the Seminars as they occur so that you can download the sessions and the accompanying notes to study at home. You can also download some individual talks on helpful topics.

Below you will find lists of Seminars in each of the three tracks we offer. To find out more about each Seminar simply click on the title.

Kingdom Life Academy

For Leaders

If you're a Church or Ministry leader and would like to find out about the kind of training and equipping we can offer your Church or Ministry, please click on the link below: