Bringing Out the Best
- Coaching and Mentoring in the Church

Learning How to Develop a Mentoring Culture

Spiritual Mentoring Centres on Where God Wants To Work

How is God shaping us and for what purpose?  What is our timeline revealing about our faith, our trust, and our fears?  God uses various people and circumstances, both good and bad, painful and joyful to move us to the next chapter in our lives.  How are we evolving spiritually?  What is God impressing upon us in prayer about our mission as a church?  There are three basic aspects to any mission-oriented church worldwide when you reduce it down to its bare essentials.  A single cell church, even under persecution, can still exist with these three elements below.  So, in order to stay mission-oriented today, these three are critical to maintain as the focus of our mentoring.

Where does God want to work?

In your character? (Spiritual Formation)

  • Identifying spiritual desires and calling
  • Spiritual disciplines for intimacy with God
  • Challenges to obey Christ
  • Issues of faith or fear that need prayer

In your community? (Ministry where you are known)

  • Your small group(s) or team
  • Building authentic relationships by living out the “one another’s” in scripture (i.e. Confess your sins to one another and pray for each other so that you may be healed James 5:16)
  • Identifying people’s spiritual desires, callings, and networking them to new resources and next steps
  • Training potential new apprentice

In how you are engaging your culture? (Leadership & Outreach)

  • Asking who needs Christ’s love in our lives where we live, work, play
  • Intercession for lost, leadership and world
  • Acts of service to poor and issues of injustice
  • Sharing the gospel

Topics to be covered:

  • Skills of observing and listening
  • The Pastoral Act of Mentoring
  • Spiritual Mentoring - Where Does God Want To Work?
  • The Four D's Mentoring Cycle

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