Taking up the Towel
- Caring like Jesus

At this time God is calling Church Leaders to carefully and consciously train and equip the next generation of workers to send them out into the harvest field for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.

The Apostle Paul makes it clear that the gospel of salvation will prosper when it is passed on, deliberately and carefully, from one generation to the next, as faithful servants train others to do the same. (2 Timothy 2:2)

What is "Caring Like Jesus?"

What would it mean if we each were to live out Jesus' teachings as found in the Gospels? The result would be a change in our lives and our  communities as we lived in the caring way that Jesus demonstrated. Caring Like Jesus will help you discover what it means to be disciples who care like the Master.

Learn to care with the love of Christ while exploring themes of humility, welcome, self-discipline, compassion and unlimited forgiveness. The focus throughout is on how we can become the agents of caring and reconciliation that God calls us to be. Caring Like Jesus will challenge you to more faithful discipleship and help transform your church into the caring community of believers that Jesus desires.

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