Testimonies from India

On the final evening meeting of Martyn's India trip a number of people shared some testimonies about what God had done with them through the week. Here are a few extracts from his journal:

Vijay - He said that on Wednesday he had been feeling restless all day and he couldn’t understand why. Then in the evening Samuel and Raji brought Martyn to his home to spend time with him and his wife and parents. Martyn read from Ephesians 1 about having the eyes of our hearts enlightened and suddenly the Lord showed him that he had been worried about his wife’s pregnancy - she is four months pregnant and is feeling really tired. As Martyn prayed for him I felt the restlessness lift from him - as if the Holy Spirit reached inside him and pulled something out of his heart. He has felt peaceful ever since - even some of his wife’s tiredness has lifted from her.

Krupamma - She said that when she came to the meeting on Wednesday evening she had severe body pains all over her body - she is diabetic and this is what causes the pain - in the ministry time she felt the power of God all through her body and received full healing - the pain went completely from her body. Also, she has been so blessed by teachings - it’s made her see things completely differently.

Sampurnamma - When she came to the meeting on Tuesday she had a really bad fever - she had been feeling unwell for a few days but she didn’t want to miss the meetings. As she waited in the presence of the Lord she began to feel something lift off her shoulders - at the end of the prayer time she realised that her temperature had dropped and she didn’t feel ill any more.

Mangamma - She came last night with severe neck pain - it had been troubling her for quite a few days. As she stood in the Lord’s presence she felt as if her neck was being stretched and she felt heat around her shoulders. This went on for quite a long time and at the end of the prayers she realised that the pain had completely gone.

Sudhakar - He came to the sessions on Tuesday at the leaders meeting and was totally blessed by teaching  on character. He began to realise that it was an awesome responsibility to care for people as a leader in the church and that he needed to be careful about what he allowed in his life. When he went home he asked the Lord to show him if there were things he wasn’t happy about and the Lord began to show him attitudes and responses in his heart that were offensive to the Lord. He was able to repent and know God’s forgiveness and peace in his heart.

The day before this, before we left for the evening village meeting, a young woman in her 20’s came to the house. Her name is Mahima and she has almost finished her training as a nurse. Samson said she had eye problems and when I asked her about it she said she had a problem with the optic nerve miscommunicating with her brain. I asked her what difficulties it caused and she said she found it difficult to focus with her right eye - especially looking at bright lights - and she had pain behind that eye. I prayed for her for a few minutes and then asked her if she felt anything had changed - she said the pain had completely gone from behind her eye. I asked if her focus had improved and she said “no”. I prayed again for a few minutes and then asked her to cover her good eye and see if anything was different - she looked and burst into tears. She said, “I can focus, I’m looking at the light and I can see it clearly.” I prayed again and blessed her.

On Saturday 7th March, before we left for the airport, a lady brought her daughter for prayer. She ran a Christian TV station and the daughter had a deformed foot from birth. She had had 9 operations and had her big toe amputated. I told her I would pray and that she should relax and tell me if anything changed or if she felt anything. After praying for a few minutes I asked if she could feel anything and she said no! The Lord reminded me about the man in Ron Cox's church in California whose thumb had grown back and she seemed encouraged so I prayed again. After a few more minutes I asked her again if she could feel anything and she said it felt like someone was holding her foot and massaging it. I told her that I felt that her healing was going to be a journey - that it could take some time and that she should get people to pray for her as often as she could. She seemed to be really encouraged - it gave her hope that the Lord was going to take her through it step by step.