Insights on India

In the Summer of 2013 the Lord connected us by divine appointment with a couple from India - Samson and Raji Kolagani. They head up a ministry in Guntur, South India, called “Sow the Seed”. Through this ministry they lead a large church in the city which is involved in church planting through crusades and pastors’ conferences. The church also provides a base for benevolent ministry in many of the surrounding villages - showing the love of Jesus in practical ways.

In September of last year, while Martyn was in Nashville, Tennessee, the Lord gave him a powerful prophetic word through Mahesh Chavda - part of which was about ministry in India. That same day, back in England, Linda received a call from Samson, who was in the UK at the time - Raji had said to him, “When you are in England, you must go and see Martyn & Linda!”. So, we have been pursuing the possibility of responding to the call to India. Here are some thoughts from a book, “India - One Act of Kindness” by Brendan McCauley.

There are two influences in India - the gospel and the cults. In the West, people say religion is a very private thing, meaning we can’t discuss it. But if it’s such a personal thing, why are Eastern ‘gurus’ making such an impact in the West? Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples - he didn’t say, “When you receive the Holy Spirit you will receive power to sit in church and be blessed!” The whole purpose of being baptised in the Holy Spirit is that we receive power be witnesses. India is hard work - there without prayer nothing works. To go into unreached territories necessitates much prayer and intercession because there is spiritual blindness like a veil that stops people from understanding the salvation message which is a revelation in which the eyes of a person’s heart are opened. Intellectual convincing and reason alone cannot break spiritual blindness. Spiritual blindness can only be broken through spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting.

For a nation like India to be saved we must get back to the apostolic preaching of the Book of Acts - on the day of Pentecost Peter preached the gospel and 3,000 people were saved. He preached the message without compromise - “You crucified him . . . The same Jesus whom you crucified.” In India the gurus are promoting their beliefs - telling people about their philosophies and winning people to follow their gods. In the West there is a huge spiritual vacuum and the church has to stand up and make an impact - otherwise these religious teachers from places like India will fill that vacuum with their new age philosophies.

Many of these cults are being financed from the West because that is where they are making an impact. That is why there is a role for the church in the West - not just to ‘go’, but to give our support to the many apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers God is raising up in India. What they need is for key people to go and pour out their hearts to train, equip and encourage the Indian church. People who can motivate and build up the body of Christ in India and then go back home and educate the church in the West as to how they can best help the work in India.

In 1984 the Indian government expelled all the Western missionaries - but God had already put a move of indigenous leadership in place. Now he has begun to release these local leaders as the next wave of missions and the role of the Western church has changed - there is a huge role for us to play so that we can help them to finish the work in this great country.

So . . . watch out for updates about Martyn's Missions Trip to India - 28th February to 9th March 2015