Back to Crimea in June!

Hopefully, you were able to catch up with what happened during Martyn's trip to Yalta in April. One of the things that occurred is that about 25-30 of the people in the conference prayed and prophesied over Martyn on the last evening he was there. It was all very encouraging, but one thing that happened was that one person said, in Russian, "I feel the Lord is saying you will come back here soon." Then, someone else said, in English, "Yes, in June". He was somewhat taken aback by this because we had spoken about this trip being his last one until the Autumn and he wasn't planning on doing anything until then.

We spoke about it when Martyn returned and decided to just let it sit on the back burner and see what happened. Then last month we had an email from a friend in the USA who had been praying for the trip to Crimea. She said that she had been praying and had the impression Martyn would return sooner rather than later. We prayed again and came to the conclusion that we were willing for him to go, but we were looking for a sign from God.

This last weekend we had a very encouraging email from our friends in Yalta suggesting that Martyn goes over the last week of June - which is actually the only time I could reasonably make it. We still felt we needed to be absolutely sure about it so yesterday morning Martyn asked the Lord for a specific sign - that there would be some kind of financial provision for the trip. Then, later in the day we received some money which was to pay for the visa for his last trip, but there was an additional £140.00 which needed to go into our "Eastern European" fund. That kind of clinched it!

So, he went online to look at flights and discovered that on the dates he would plan to go, there was only one seat left! So he booked it.

The plan is to fly out there on Thursday 19th June and return on Tuesday 1st July. That will give him two weekends there - the benefit of that is that over those weekends I will be able to network with some of the contacts they have with other people developing prayer groups and houses of prayer in Crimea as well as being able to to some specific training with the Yalta Prayer Base team during the week.

It's interesting that in this season of time the Lord is giving us opportunities to connect with and give input to these houses of prayer in Ukraine, Crimea and Russia. Especially in view of numerous prophecies about the place of Russia and Ukraine in God's end-time scenario. If you would like to hear more - you can watch a video clip of Bob Jones speaking about God's End-Time calling on Russia back in 1995 by clicking here

So . . . please pray for this trip - particularly about the finances. It will cost about £580.00 for the flight and the Russian Visa (easier and cheaper this time since it's not last-minute!). That meas that we would need to raise another £440.00 to cover all the up-front costs.

If you would like to help towards this, here are a few ways you can do so:

  • A cheque in UK funds (payable to "Vinelife UK") - sent to:

Vinelife UK, 14 The Highgrove, Bolton, BL1 5PX

  • To email us for details of how to make an online payment, click here:
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Thanks for your partnership in Kingdom Ministry!

Martyn Smith