A Word for England from Yalta

During breakfast this morning I saw and aircraft carrier that represented England and it was tipping over on one side and it was touching the water on one side and the crew had to go on the other side to make it balance. But this ship was too big and the crew was too little to help to balance this ship. And I had the understanding that this ship would only survive because of the radical devotion and prayer of people. And this crew has to multiply by numbers by at least 10 times to balance this ship so it will not sink.

And then I saw an English teacup with tea with milk in it like English people drink. And I heard God say that I took milk out of it, and then tea I took out of it and then sugar I took out of it and only water remained. Then I put salt in  the water and asked England to drink it in order to disinfect the digestive system of England, but England didn’t swallow it, but spat it out. Because of this they couldn’t receive new wine - it’s being held back from England.

Then I saw England hanging in the air and 30% of England was straight and 70% was hanging again like a ship in the water. This 70% of England was almost ready to drop off and fall down. They are hanging, connected to this 30% only because of prayers, but there are not enough prayers and it’s almost like the 70% is tearing down - again I saw that there needs to be 10 times the number of radical prayers - it has to multiply radically in order for England to survive. At least 10 times again in order for this piece of England to survive spiritually. That’s a good task to do.