Bells and Wells

Dream from a young woman from Mauritius - spoken to Martyn & Linda at a Prophetic Forum in January 2011:

“I saw myself and a man standing on the roof of our house.  The roof seemed higher than normal and I could have a bird’s-eye view of the area.  The sky was clear blue. The man was wearing his gym outfits and was barefoot. I was barefoot as  well and was in the pyjamas that I wore that night.  The man was standing on one side of the roof, next to a bell. The bell was of golden colour.  It was bright and shiny and was similar to those that would normally be found in churches. He was concerned about fixing the bell so that he could sound the alarm when needed.  He was holding the rope and trying to figure out how to fix it.

“I was standing on the other side of the roof from where I could see a wooden structure like one that would be found on a well.  I thought that it was strange for the structure to be that high. I looked down to check whether there was a well and was surprised to see that there was an old well in the ground. It did not have any wall, was very deep and looked bottomless. It seemed that nobody knew that there was a well in that place. No water could be seen.  I thought that it could be dangerous for children to come and play around it.  It looked like it had not been used for ages. The bucket was tied to a rope that was rolled on the wooden structure.  I noticed that  the rope was still thick and strong and the bucket was clean in spite of the fact that that they had been there for a years.   I immediately understood that the rope of the bell needed to the attached to that wooden structure so that as  water is drawn, the bell would ring.  Both were linked and dependent upon each other. I told the man about it and he attached the rope of the bell to the  wooden structure.  The bell resounded as the water was drawn. I looked into the bucket.  The water was very clear. I could see sun rays in it. I took the water and poured it on my feet and the water started to flow and drip from the roof.  

“I could hear the voice of my flesh saying, ‘why do we need a well in Manchester? We have a lot of rain and we don’t need to store water.’ I immediately heard a strong voice within myself saying that ‘we will need it in times of droughts’ and  ‘deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls.’ I then saw myself walking back to my room, still wearing my pyjamas but covered with a voile fabric cloth whose colour was terracotta orange.  I got back in my bed and continued to sleep.”

What does all this mean?

We believe the Lord is calling us up higher by calling us deeper not just into him but into previous moves of the Holy Spirit in this nation. There are wells that have been dug in the past and the Lord is providing the keys for us to be able to re-dig those wells and open them up again. This is the same well as Jacob's well in Scripture and will result in the freedom (sanctification) of his people. The living water is the same water as the bitter waters that exist on the land - the major difference is that they have had the cross applied to them, just as in the day of Moses.

The Lord is going to grant the same spiritual strength that has existed here before in the generation of the Puritans to today's generation of leaders. This spiritual strength is activated through the basic spiritual disciplines cultivating a devotion and purity in Christ.

Not, "We have the answer", but "We ARE the answer"

We are in a strategic season where the Body of Christ is being called upon to rescue the nations from certain disaster. We have to dig deep to connect with our Godly inheritance from previous generations and rise up to be the change agent that God has called us to be - to be those who drive the culture rather than being driven by it.

Let us rise up!