What is “Kingdom Enterprise”?

  • Do you have a desire to know more of God's love?
  • Do you want to experience more of the power of his KINGDOM?
  • Do you have a biblical foundation with understanding in the ways of God - a settled mind to know His call and direction?

At this present time God is raising up a group of KINGDOM-minded people who have an inner conviction of His call upon their lives - a clear knowledge of His ways.

The church is living in a time of transition and many people are being called out by the Lord to fulfil their part in His end-time purposes.

  • How do we experience the supernatural works of His KINGDOM?

Alongside this, there are those who are being moved upon by the Holy Spirit in order to be made ready so that they might respond to this call. These people are being prepared to become prophetic voices through whom the Lord will speak His word, so that His life might be fully revealed in us. It is time to turn aside and experience His presence - to wait and prepare their hearts before the Lord. 

  • How do we as the people of God contend for the KINGDOM in the midst of tremendous change in the world around us?

In Exodus 2 Moses had trembled and fled from Pharaoh. Later on, something quite different happened. Pharaoh trembled before Moses, and finally let the people of Israel go (Exodus 12). The power of God, manifesting through Moses, brought the world power of that day to its knees. In the same way, there is an urgent need for those who will again stand in the presence of the Lord, in order to receive a “burning present word” that will affect the Pharaohs of our day and time, and bring the deliverance that we desperately need.


  • Time to shift the atmosphere so that the power of the KINGDOM can be released through God's people everywhere.
  • Time for God to open up a new way of expressing His KINGDOM through his people.


  • The grace and mercy of God is reaching out to those in need who would respond and trust in Him.
  • The rain of his love and goodness is touching the earth as His KINGDOM comes to reign. God's desire is to see every one of his followers stepping out with integrity and obedience to do His will.
  • It is our desire in this time to take hold of God's prophetic word and run with it seeing the apostolic roots of mission going down deep in the nation like under water streams.
  • God is raising up a holy-minded people who fear the Lord and who will scatter seeds in the workplace; sacrificing their time and energy to see a move of God.
  • Hence our purpose is to train and equip people to walk in Christian maturity and be a banner of hope to a lost and secular world.
  • This training is done through the Kingdom Life Academy.

Why Does Kingdom LIFE ACADEMY Exist?

Kingdom Life Academy exists to offer itself in service to believers to strengthen and deepen their confidence in their King to guide and lead them through challenging times.

  • Our purpose is to train and equip disciples, preparing for a new move of the Holy Spirit - a move of God that is vibrant and led by the KING himself.
  • We aim to give practical insights into developing a lifestyle of ministry modelled by Jesus.
  • For some this will mean stepping out of the box and re-centring their thoughts on God's ways; the ways of His KINGDOM.  
  • We aim to teach Jesus’ disciples to pronounce the coming of the KINGDOM and to release grace abundantly - to do this wholeheartedly through His Spirit and not their own strength as they walk in love, wholly dependent on Him.
  • We are becoming an 'organism' which, through perfect love, drives out fear individually and corporately.
  • Why not come and attend our Kingdom Life Academy for training and equipping. Click here to find out more.

Where We Are Coming From?

After being involved with both the theory and practice of church-based ministry for over 30 years, we have found that the greatest ministry model of all times is Jesus. We have discovered:

  • That Jesus gathered a group of disciples to whom he could transfer his KINGDOM ministry after he had adequately modelled it.
  • That those disciples demonstrated their commitment to their master by following him.
  • That he did this by training and equipping them to do the works of the KINGDOM alongside the words of the KINGDOM.
  • That he finally commissioned his disciples to go into all the world to make other disciples who would do the same.
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How then can you get involved with Kingdom Enterprise?

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  • Interact with us as we pursue what we see the Holy Spirit doing in this and other nations.
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  • Kingdom Enterprise offers practical advice on leadership and pastoral care.
  • We also offer consultation for those in church leadership and church planting.